Details of Web Service (deliverDocument) execution information in EngageOne Server repository

'TDS_Requests' table in the EngageOne repository/database holds information on execution time and status of 'deliverDocument' requests processed (successfully or unsuccessfully) by EngageOne Server.

'CreateDate' & 'UpdateDate' in 'TDS_Requests' table gives the time at which incoming request was received in EnagageOne Server and time at which it was processed respectively.

RequestStatusId as '4' and '3' means delivered (for immediate delivery channel) and composed (for batch delivery channel) respectively.

​Value of RequestStatusId as 7 indicates, an error occurred while processing of 'deliverDocument'.

Based on all this information, a query can be created to get relevant information. For example, to get information on the failed 'deliverDocument' requests, the following query can be used:
'Select * from TDS_REQUESTS where [RequestStatusId] = 7;'
UPDATED:  September 25, 2018