Compatibility of COBOL 6 and MailStream Plus on z/OS

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™ version 8.3.6 and earlier
Product Feature: Compatibility
Operating System: z/OS

Will there be a problem upgrading to COBOL 6 using MailStream Plus (MSP) version 8.3.6 on z/OS? 
  • When running MSP 8.3.6 by itself, there will not be any compatibility issues. 
  • If there is  an exit routine that is used in MSP, those routines will be subsequently compiled using the COBOL 6 compiler.  An issue may arise because the MSP load modules reside in a PDS load library.  The newly compiled executables (program objects) can only  reside in a PDSE library.  You would then simply need to copy the MSP modules into a PDSE library.  Again, this step only applies to any exit routine(s) invoked by MSP.
Note: With the 8.3.7 release of MSP, all it's load modules are now in a PDSE library
UPDATED:  March 12, 2019