Installing Databases for Code-1 Plus on the Windows platform

Product Feature: Database Load Utility

Operating System: Windows

Database: US Postal, DPV, LACSLink & SuiteLink, Elot, RDI

Configuration: Not stated
You can use the Database Load utility to load Databases 
  1. "Start";
  2. "All Programs"; 
  3. Pitney Bowes (Group1 for older versions of the software prior to version 4.2)
  4. Code-1 Plus
  5. Database Load 

  1. Select US Postal or whichever Database applies…
    1. DPV Flat
    2. DPV Split
    3. DPV Full
    4. LacsLink
    5. SuiteLink
  2. Select Browse
  3. Navigate to the location where you stored the Database file(s)
  4. Select file and click "Open"
  5. this will populate Source Directory File
  6. Click Next
The Database will now be installed.  
UPDATED:  June 15, 2018