Can I delete the .gz files from the EngageOne Inform (EngageOne Delivery Audit, MAIL360 Data Manager) bus-repository directory

Product Affected:  EngageOne™ Inform (EngageOne™ Delivery Audit, MAIL360 Data Manager™), All versions
Yes, but current .gz files should be kept in accordance with the retention period being used for the application's DataBase (DB). 

In the bus-repository directory, for example "Group1\MAIL360 Data Manager Web Services\Data\bus-repository" or "PitneyBowes\EngageOne\Delivery
Audit Data\Data Manager\bus-repository\" there are files with an extention ".gz"  These are the data files that contain the scan data that was loaded into the application's DB.

As part of the maintenance of the Data Manager DataBase (DB), in order to keep the DB from growing too large and to keep it functioning optimally, it should be purged occasionally according to how long the mailer wants to keep the data for.  For example, the mailer may be only keeping data in the DB for, say, the last 6 month period.  And then occasionally the purge scripts that are provided with the application are ran to remove data in the DB that is older than that.  
(Purge information/instructions are in the EngageOne™ Inform (EngageOne™ Delivery Audit, MAIL360 Data Manager™)  Operations Guide.)

.gz files should be kept for the same period in case a problem happens to the DB and they are needed as a back up.

.gz files that are older than the retention period can be moved or deleted.  There is no automated process (Script, Stored Procedure) provided by Pitney Bowes to move/delete the .gz files.  They have to be sorted by the date, selected and moved/deleted manually.
UPDATED:  July 6, 2018