Can multiple Pitney Bowes software products be installed on the same machine

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

It should be possible to install multiple Pitney Bowes™ software products (Sagent Data Flow Solution, EngageOne® Designer, EngageOne® Deliver (formerly e-Messaging), EngageOne® Server) on the same physical machine as long as there is no conflict regarding the operating system (and version), and any database engine (and version).

This information can be found in the following documents:

Sagent Data Flow Solution

EngageOne Designer
Designer Installation Guide.pdf (for later 6.x releases, for earlier releases this will be found in the Release Notes.pdf)

EngageOne Deliver 
EODigitalDelivery Installation Guide.pdf

EngageOne Server
EngageOne_x.x_Software_Hardware Requirements.pdf

UPDATED:  July 20, 2018