Configure Email Delivery and Communication Channel for OfficeMail

Following are the steps to configure Email Delivery and Communication Channel

First, at "Production" tab
Delivery Channels - add an email delivery channel type e.g. "DefaultEmailDeliveryChannel"
Delivery Centers - add an email delivery center type e.g. "EmailHub"
     Creating Delivery Center required to import PIOfficeMailSFTPKey.xml from the Delivery Center Service Server (known as Bundler Service Server)
     which involves defining the SFTP target Host, password and port
Routing - add an email (Digital) routing type link to delivery channel of "DefaultEmailDeliveryChannel" and delivery center of "EmaiHub"

Secondly, at "Configuration" tab
Communication Channels - add an email communication channel type e.g. "DefaultEmailCommunicationChannel"
Communication Types - add an email communication type (known as Settings Group freature) e.g. "DefaultEmailCommunicationType"
          In this "DefaultEmailCommunicationType" communication type
               Extract Fields - add an extract field to extract recipient email address e.g. "Recipient"
               Channels - add an email channel type i.e. link to "DefaultEmailCommunicationChannel" and define all the fields; following are the compulsory fields:
                    - To
                    - From
                    - Subject
                    - Body
          - The "To" field has to be selected from the drop down menu, which is from the "Extract Fields" above
          - Other field can be static string or populated with string from the "Extract Fields" above
          - Once Communication Types setup complete, remember to activate it

Finally at "User Admin" tab
Roles - select the appropriate company, select "PI-OFMA-DEFAULT", at "Communication Types", tick the appropriate communication type i.e. "DefaultPrintCommunicationType"
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Products Affected: Office Mail
UPDATED:  December 6, 2018