Adding country or country code in Officemail

There is no option to add new country on the admin website as all the countries should be listed there. If users want to add new common country name for existing country, they can use:
Common Country Name Mapping option on System - Tariff - Common country names tab.

If users want  to modify or add new entries to country list, they need to modify table:
[OrganisationsLive].[dbo].[Countries] at SQL server.
The [ISO3166Code] column needs to have 2 characters and to be unique.

For example, the following are needed to reflect the addition of South Sudan:

update OrganisationsLive.dbo.Countries set ISO3166Num = 729 where ISO3166Num = 736;
-- ISO3166Num 736 was the previous ISO number for Sudan , which was changed to 729 after adding South Sudan
-- see for a list of the changes

insert into OrganisationsLive.dbo.countries values('SS', 'South Sudan',728,null );
Environment Details
Products affected: PI Office Mail™
UPDATED:  November 19, 2018