MailStream Plus not populating Mail.dat Field Code CPT-1148 Mailer ID of Mail Owner

Product affected:  MailStream Plus™
Product Feature: Mail.dat / PostalOne!


The user was producing the Mail.dat files with MailStream Plus™, and they were uploaded to the USPS and 'accepted'.  
But when they took their mail to the USPS Acceptance Clerk, they found that the 3600-FCM that PostalOne! generated did not have the box "Mail Owner (If other than permit holder) Name, Address" populated.

This led to the USPS wanting to charge them a penalty for the mailing.  (Although sometimes, especially for new Mail.dat users, if requested the USPS may make allowances for such things until the mailer gets their process correct.)

The mailer, being new, had not noticed that when they uploaded the files to PostalOne! a warning message was generated similar to this-
For Full-Service Processing, at least one of the following fields must be populated: .mpa Mail Owner’s Lcl Permit Ref Num/Int’l Bill Num, .mpa CRID of Mail Owner, .mpa Mailer ID of Mail Owner, .cpt Mailer ID of Mail Owner, .cpt CRID of Mail Owner, or .mpa USPS Publication Number.

Although to some degree all of those fields might give the USPS a way to identify the Mail Owner, CPT-1148 ('Mailer ID of Mail Owner') is a common field to use for it.


Because the IMBOUT parameter had an I in position 12 "Location of Mailer ID" the MailStream Plus job was required to have this RP INF parameter-
RP INF                     IMBMLR 901015062

but an RP INF IMBMLR will not populate CPT-1148.  

Adding this PA INF IMBMLR parameter-
PA INF L                   IMBMLR 901015062 
  • Did populate CPT-1148.  
  • But it did not populate MPA-1121 which is the 'Mailer ID of Mail Owner' in the MPA file.

The difference is that the CPT (COMPONENT RECORD) file pertains to the Mailer Owner for the mail pieces, and the MPA (MAILER POSTAGE ACCOUNT RECORD) file pertains to the Owner for the Mailer Postage Account for the mailing.  
It is generally more correct if both are populated.


UPDATED: March 27, 2019
The solution was to have these two parameters:
RP INF                     IMBMLR 901015062 
PA INF L                   MDMIMO 901015062 

The PA INF L with the MDMIMO subkeyword populates MPA-1121 and CPT-1148.