Window Book DAT-MAIL application changing entry points of MailStream Plus presort

Product affected: MailStreamPlus™
All platforms


MailStream Plus™ (MSP) was being used to presort the mail, and generate the Mail.dat files.

The MSP parameters only had one ENT PT entry point, for NDC New Jersey 07097.  The mailer wanted to enter all of the mail there. 
The Audit Trail from MSP showed all the mail (6 pallets and about a dozen loose sacks) were being entered at the 07097 entry point. 
And in the Mail.dat CSM file both Field Code CSM-1105 (Entry Point for Entry Discount - Postal Code), and CSM-1168 Entry Point - Actual / Delivery - Postal Code) for all of the records showed the desired 07097 entry ZIP Code 

But when the Mail.dat files were brought into Window Book DAT-MAIL and the Pallet tags were printed out they show various entry points, as did the entry points for the loose sacks.
For some reason, Window Book DAT-MAIL was changing the entry point.


The user contacted Window Book about the problem, and they told him that it was due to there being a 'B' in the Mail.dat Field Code CSM-1106 (Entry Point for Entry Discount - Facility Type).  B in that field means 'drop ship Destination NDC'.  
When DAT-MAIL saw the B it indicated to it that the pallets and the sacks were to be entered at the actual NDC entry point for each pallet and sack based on where the pallet or sack was labelled to.  So it changed the entry points as 'needed'.


UPDATED: April 16, 2019
The B in CSM-1106 was due to having a B in the MSP ENT PT parameter position 64 (Entry Point Facility type). The user was told to use a K instead. K means 'Origin NDC', where mail is entering the USPS channel for induction. 
That resolved the problem and DAT-MAIL then did not change the entry point from 07097.

(The user said that the problem had never occurred before with similar jobs.  And he was not aware of any changes having been made at their site to either the MSP ENT PT position 64, nor to the DAT-MAIL settings.)