'SSL Certificate add failed, Error: 183' message observed in EngageOne Inform

Product Affected: EngageOne™ Inform
Product Feature: General


After the successful import of the certificate in the Microsoft Certificate Manager, binding the certificate with the port using 'Netsh' gives following error message:
'SSL Certificate add failed, Error: 183 Cannot create a file when that file already exists.'


This could be caused due to 'Private Key' being missing from the imported certificate.


UPDATED: October 30, 2018
Following these steps while importing the certificate:
1. While exporting the certificate, make sure to check on 'Yes, export the private key'.

If certificate was imported already, that need to be deleted from respective location and needs to be re-imported using this option.

2. After importing the certificate, double click on the certificate and verify that 'You have a private key that corresponds to this certificate' is mentioned in the 'General' tab of the 'Certificate' window.

Note: Always export the certificate in '.pfx' format because it contains the 'Private Key'