Can't log into EngageOne Video admin site


I am having trouble logging into my dashboard via chrome. I was told that Chrome is the best platform to use the dashboard on, so I’m not sure why it is not working. I tested logging in through Internet Explorer Edge and it worked. So, I’m sure my password and user ID is correct. Could you assist me in gaining access via Chrome?

Google Chrome 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: 70_77_Win)

OS Windows

Error message upon attempting to log in:

"Oops, you don't have the correct permissions to perform that task.

If the problem persists please contact"


There are a few different causes for this issue:

1) It could be an issue with the web browser cache
2) The account may not be set up properly


UPDATED: October 30, 2018
1) Try to login with a different browser.  If this works, try clearing the browser cache on the originally browser, and try again.
2) If neither of these steps work, contact, let them know that you've tried the step above.  Provide the username (email address) of the account in question and they will verify that the account permissions have been setup correctly.