ERROR 10172 in EngageOne Vault


File ingestion fails with following message:
11:24:18 ERROR 10172: you have exceeded the licensed limit of [1250000] pages processed per month
11:24:18 month [2004/12] total pages [1682670]
11:24:18 month [2005/1] total pages [1550968]
11:24:18 month [2005/2] total pages [1451465]
11:24:18 month [2005/4] total pages [1331004]
11:24:18 month [2005/5] total pages [1884400]
11:24:18 month [2005/6] total pages [1801025]
11:24:18 month [2005/7] total pages [1916927]


This is caused due to monthly page limit defined in license being exceeded i.e (value indicated by '<PageCount>' in the license XML file). Vault checks counts of all pages in all .drp files in the server\storage or server\pagedata directories (paths may vary as given in server.ini).

If the total number of pages ingested for a month exceeds 110% of monthly page limit specified in the license, e2loaderd will stop loading new documents with this error in the Loader (e2loaderd) logs. For example if monthly page limit is defined 2000, this problem will occur after 2200 pages i.e 110% of 2000. If restarted, the Loader may start loading documents again, but as soon as the check is run (the user has no control over this action), it will stop again reporting that the licensed number of pages has been breached. 

Note: In case of 'Collections', 256 KB of data is considered a page.


UPDATED: October 31, 2018

Either of the following are the options:
  • Since this is a monthly limit, wait till 1st of next month to resume the processing as on this date, number of pages ingested for month becomes Zero.
  • Existing files can be removed from Vault using .remove flag. On removing files using .remove flag the job is unindexed and moved to server\removed directory. This will decrease the page count and will allow new documents to be ingested until number of pages ingested becomes 110% of monthly page limit again. For more information on .remove flag, refer Vault customization guide. This option should be preferred if there are more important documents that needs to be ingested on the cost of not having less important document in place.
  • Existing license key needs to be replaced with new/temporary license, with increased page limit. This new/temporary key needs to be procured via Pitney Bowes Account Manager.


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