"Unable to connect" message when starting EngageOne Designer

Product Affected: Designer

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade

Configuration: Client / Server, Distributed


When installing EngageOne Designer in a Server/Client topology and trying to open the client, the following message is displayed:

Unable to Connect
Designer Client is unable to connect to Designer Application Server. Please ensure the client has access to the server


The client is not able to connect to the application server. This could be down to a number of causes.


UPDATED: December 3, 2018
The application server has a firewall blocking communication. Ensure that port 37719 is allowed on the firewall or for testing purposes disable the firewall. 

Check that the client is able to resolve the network name of the application server. In the installation location for the client (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\PBBI CCM\DOC1\Designer\Client) is a file called 'processor.dll.config'. This file can be opened in notepad and contains the server name that is being used ("tcp://<Server name>:37719/Publication.soap"). Check that this can be pinged, if not then change this value for the servers IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). 

Check that service called 'EngageOne Template Designer Application Service' is running on the server, if not then start the service and try the client again.