"Order Job has no Items" when trying to commit a Works Order in Confirm

Products affected: Confirm®
Product feature: Non-routine Maintenance


In Confirm® a Works Order Commit Preview has several occurrences of the error:

"Order Job has no Items"


An item-less Job has encountered commitment issues. The Job Number listed in the Commit Preview may not have had any Items actually ordered.

If the Job originated via ConfirmConnect, the mobile user may not have selected any SOR Items for the Defect.



UPDATED: January 9, 2019
Load the Order number in question (Order Header (or Order Details) screen) and then drill down into a Job number in the error list, to see if any Items have actually been ordered.

If the Job originated via ConfirmConnect, the users needs SOR Items on a Defect in order to raise a Job from it that in turn raises an Order and commits it.