The search of datasets are performed prior to the map zoom/centre being set in Spectrum Spatial Analyst


When searching the sequence is out of order when searching via the locate bar. This can be seen if the following condition is in place:
  • When the map is set to a large initial view and a search is done on a location, the search of the dataset is performed prior to the map zoom/centre. 
This results in too many records being returned than expected. If the same search sequence is performed (so the map is now at the search zoom level) the results are returned as expected. This has been verified on both Linux and Windows implementations – and both with and without custom templates being applied.


This is a system problem CONN-38912


UPDATED: December 24, 2018
This has been resolved in Spectrum® Spatial Analyst 2018.2 
Environment Details
Product Feature: Spectrum Spatial Analyst