'Error->[ngModel:numfmt]' message in Spectrum Spatial Analyst


If a layer contains a table with considerably large amount of data and a query operation is performed on this layer, the following message is displayed on the screen:


This has been identified as a defect in Spectrum Spatial Analyst for version 12.1 and prior. Column selection is not honoured until ongoing API call is completed. In the current scenario, time to complete this API call is more due to the considerable large table.


UPDATED: December 7, 2018
This has been fixed as part of version 12.2 hence upgrading to this or later version will resolve the problem. As part of this fix, column and values will not be accessible till the progress bar corresponding to the API call completes.

Following steps can be a temporary workaround to this problem on Spectrum Spatial Analyst 12.1 or prior :
1. While creating query, select custom filter
2. Select the column filter
3. Wait for the progress bar ( at the top of the banner) to complete
4. Select/enter the value
5. Click on 'create'.
Environment Details