"My location" function is not working and message "position unavailable" is shown in Spectrum Spatial Analyst


Based on the current location, Spectrum Spatial Analyst (SSA) can show the relevant information.
Using Google Chrome with location settings enabled, the GPS "my location" function does not work and returns "position unavailable" in SSA.


GPS only works on secure sites (browsers block it otherwise).


UPDATED: December 13, 2018
The geolocation failure is due to recent changes in browser security.
When SSA is accessed (on http) using Firefox v55, Chrome v50 or Safari v10 onward, the geolocation will not work.
The HTTPS communication needs to be setup in SSA for geolocation to work.
Alternatively, if the browser is downgraded, geolocation will work without any issues.

For more information, refer to the SSA v12.1 documentation Configuring HTTPS Communication for SSA
Environment Details
Product Affected: Spectrum Spatial Analyst
Product Feature: Webpage and configurations