Landing Page Preview Showing Media of A Historical Publish on the EngageOne Video Cloud Envirionment

EngageOne Video Cloud environment - this does not affect on-premise solutions.


Changing or updating media on the Director timeline, Interactions, or Overlay is reflected in the standard Preview but not on the Landing Page Preview.  The Landing Page Preview shows a historical publish version of your project.


If a project has not been opened or updated for an indeterminate amount of time may result in a cached version of your publish folder on the Cloud Environment from being unable to update itself.  This will not affect the standard preview, which is stored in the project folder and memory.  It will only affect the Landing Page Preview and the deployment for whichever environment/s the updated project is deployed to.


UPDATED: December 12, 2018
This will be a task for EngageOne Video engineering, so please contact Pitney Bowes support at, with your project name and a detailed description of the issue.  Once resolved by the EngageOne Video team, you will be notified by Pitney Bowes support.  Neither the issue or the resolution will result in lost data or progress.