'java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to stop security Service' message in EngageOne Server


'java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to stop security Service' message is being observed while configuring security bundle of EngageOne Server on Linux.
[INFO ] Installing security bundle as a system service
[INFO ] OpenAM setup started
[INFO ] Starting the eos-security service
[INFO ] output:
[INFO ] Stopping the eos-security service: configuration error.
[INFO ] output:
[ERROR] Failed to configure 'security' bundle please see log file 
java.lang.RuntimeException: Failed to stop security Service



It could be caused if daemon is not reloaded before configuring the services. In some special cases, it is needed to reload the daemon before configuring the EngageOne Services.


UPDATED: December 21, 2018
Use 'systemctl daemon-reload' command before configuring the EngageOne Service:
groovy eos.groovy -b <bundle> -p install
groovy eos.groovy -b <bundle> -p validate
systemctl daemon-reload
groovy eos.groovy -b <bundle> -p -t single configure
service <bundle> start