"Cannot read property 'Key' of undefined" when using 'Fix Now' in ConfirmConnect

Products affected: Confirm®, ConfirmConnect®
Product feature: Condition Survey


You have performed a Gully Survey followed by bulk import of Defects. You now have many new Defects in Confirm® however with a blank Priority.

The over-arching problem is that 'Fix Now' for the new Defects in ConfirmConnect produces an error (as shown below)  and this is because there is no Priority set. This error goes away when you manually put a Priority against that particular Defect.



The problem is that a 'Default Priority' has not been applied to the records. This would firstly need to have been configured in the Defect Default Priorities screen.


UPDATED: February 13, 2019
To prevent the issue going forwards, please ensure you have configured the required default priorities in the Defect Default Priorities screen.

If you are looking to correct multiple existing Defect records which have been created without Priorities, please raise a new case with the Confirm Technical Support Team. It may be possible for the Confirm Engineering Team to supply SQL to correct these, however the Confirm Technical Support Team will need to raise this issue with them.