Resolving the removal of role mappings and permissions after upgrading to EngageOne Server 4.4.8

EngageOne Server 4.4.8


Upgraded to SP8 and the permissions and/or role mappings of users are not defined in the EngageOne Admin Console.

These were defined in the previous version and should have been brought over to SP8 during the upgrade.


Running a "Users rights and permissions" upgrade script is required when upgrading from EngageOne 4.4 releases prior to the 4.4.Service
Pack 8 release.


UPDATED: July 9, 2019
Run the following script after the installation and configuration of all bundles:

To update user rights and system administrators:

groovy migrate -p distinguishedName

The migrate.groovy script is located:

Note that this script can be used to migrate or update existing data.