MailStream Plus C01 patch MSMS00 MailStream Plus program not installed

Product Affected: MailStream Plus

Operating System: AIX



MailStream Plus 8.3.7 C01 installation on the AIX UNIX platform produced the message  MSMS00 MailStream Plus program not installed. Please reinstall MailStream Plus System. in MSPS00 of the execution log.


The MailStream Plus 8.3.7 C01 patch has twelve modules that should be installed when the following command tar –tvf against the msnC01.tar was run on the tar file it will list modules on the the file. If the command  does not the  twelve modules  below the error message will be generated in the execution log.




UPDATED: June 5, 2019
With the information that there should be more than a single module in the .tar file.
Re-downloaded AIX UNIX .zip file and re-process the installing the patch using the patch installation script in the [readme] that accompanied the .tar file then run the IVP command 'runmsp ivp' to test the installation.