Resolve faulty SDI Flow processing after using Retrieve button in EngageOne Interactive


Issue shown in steps below.

Step 1: Creating a document in EngageOne Interactive

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Step 2: Template selection
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Step 3: Retrieving the template

Expected behavior after hitting Retrieve button:

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Met behavior after hitting Retrieve button:

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SystemOut.log file shows a lot of error about non-jta datasource as well as errors indicating that systemdata configuration were not properly migrated.



Missing steps during upgrade process.

The part of the program for which the customer is reporting the symptoms should be where the Correspondent calls their SDI class: m2scDataLoader but there are no signs this class is being called.


UPDATED: October 24, 2017
Log file in the old system shows the following information:
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Log file in the new system shows:
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This indicates that config-settings.xml file in the new environment is corrupted.
Searching in that file com.pb.engageone.correspondent.sdi this should return one hit.
The namespace shows two setting-groups and each of them is coming from a different installation process identified as key value.
Only one is used by the system, the other one is archived.
The active one is the one that value of the key element corresponds to the value set on the application server WebSphere normally kept in file in <Install_Folder>\server\websphere e.g. C:\Program Files\PBBI CCM\EngageOne\server\websphere.
The missing values for active key in config-settings.xml should be propagated with values from the old system set up.