Resolve Sagent XML tag splitting into multiple lines


While using flat file source transform the closing tag in input xml gets split into two lines in output file when the closing tag overlaps exactly with the end of the logical buffer used by Flat File Source transform and at same time end of file is also encountered.  

When reading one of the XML files using the flat file source, the ending tag </SagentDataflow> splits into 2 lines as follows:


If any changes are made to the input XML file (removing or adding a character), the tag does not split.


When the "closing tag" in input XML file overlaps exactly with the end of the LOGICAL BUFFER used by Flat File Transform to process input records and at same time it encounters end of file.


UPDATED: March 28, 2017

Following workarounds are available for this isssue:
1. Flat File Source buffer size is configurable via registry editor. Create following registry key on DFS machine:

Type:  DWORD 
Registry key name:  FlatFileSourceBufferSize

It should be a multiple of 4096. The default size is 32768. By increasing it to 36864, the output tag of </SagentDataFlow> is written correctly in the output file.

2. By changing the value of “End of file marker” as <\SagentDataFlow> in the plan (As shown in the figure).

User-added image

Issue Fix:

This issue has been fixed using Emergency Point Patch on Sagent version 6.8.10 64-bit in "Satfffsr.dll"
Steps to install the EPP are as follows:
1. Stop Dataflow Service.
2. Close Sagent Clients.
3. Backup and replace the "Satfffsr.dll" file in the DFS server install directory with the attached one.
4. Backup and replace the "Satfffsr.dll" file in the Sagent client install directory with the attached one.
5. Restart Dataflow Services.

Environment Details

Product Feature: Flat File Transform

Configuration: Sagent Dataflow version 6.8.10


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