Resolve EngageOne Updating keymaps does not add keys for new images in the KeyEntry on active-drive


Keymap update issue on EngageOne presented in the following steps:

1. Import keymap zip file into the EngageOne Admin console
User-added image
2. The EngageOne Admin console will display the key and images present in the keymap
User-added image

3. Image files present in target directory specified in the console and in the daily folder in the active-drive

User-added image

The keymap file contains the key value and the information about the image it is mapped to

User-added image

4. Updating the keymap

User-added image

Old and new images can be seen in the EngageOne Admin console:

User-added image

5. New images files are in the target directory image folder (both old and new)

User-added image
But the keymap file in active-drive has not been updated and does not contain any information about the new images, only yhr date\time stamp for the file is updated.

User-added image

Impact of the issue:

When running Non-Accumulated batch a warning with a message that no reference to the image could be found in the keymap file

[xxxx]|WARN |ConsoleAppWrapperImpl|[BatchItemWorker-7]|Failed to find image with key 'AAKU8' in keyed image map file.



The behaviour is caused by changes introduced by a fix for another issue.


UPDATED: April 20, 2017
The fix is available in EngageOne build 57 and should not be present in builds prior to 3.1.2 build 26.

The latest releast of EngageOne is always available on the customer FTP site, please contact for the details of this site.