Upgrade hangs without an error message in Spectrum Technology Platform


During the upgrade process the Spectrum Technology Platform installer becomes unresponsive without throwing any error messages. 



There could be several reasons for this:

1) A large Spectrum repository over 10 GB. Backing this up could take a while.
2) Very large wrapper and server log files, for example a file size of over a 2 GB. These are also backed up during the upgrade, even though the server is shutdown.
3) Large Data hub models. Even though these are not backed up during the upgrade (We recommend to do so).
4) Large number of exceptions in the Business Steward Module (BSM) that need to be purged out from the repository. These are residual records from testing the system or records that were mistakenly considered exceptions after processing.
5) Other non vital processes running on the server that consume CPU time and resources. This can occur if these other processes have also been assigned a higher priority than the upgrade.


UPDATED: October 10, 2018

Ways to resolve the causes mentioned above:

1) Wait until the repository has been backed up.
2) Delete the wrapper and server log files prior to the upgrade.
3) Wait whilst the Data Hub models are processed.
4) These can be manually purged before the upgrade.
5) Shut these other processes down prior to running the upgrade. 

Environment Details

Products affected: Spectrum Technology Platform, Spectrum Spatial.


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