Resolve error “Filename MSSTIN incurred an I/O error -- Operation: O Status: 2” in MailStream Plus 8.3.1 and later on UNIX/Linux

Operating System: UNIX/Linux and possibly Windows.


The error
“Filename MSSTIN   incurred an I/O error -- Operation: O Status: 2”
indicates that MailStream Plus (MSP) was unable to find the input name-address file where it was supposed to be per the DD for MSSTIN in the <jobname>.job file.  For example in the UNIX/Linux ivp.job file it looks like this-
DD_MSSTIN="${PBMSP}/data/msninput.txt";         export DD_MSSTIN
A user’s custom script did these things:
-placed a compressed version of the input name-address file into the folder where MSP would read it from
-uncompressed it into a .txt file
-ran MSP using the runmsp command

The script worked ok in 8.3.0 and previous versions, but in both 8.3.1 and 8.3.2 it gave this MSP error-
Filename MSSTIN   incurred an I/O error -- Operation: O Status: 2


MSP versions  8.3.1 and later use a new input/output program 'esg1piomgr', which would seem likely to be the cause.


UPDATED: August 10, 2017
The user found that adding a 10-second delay after the uncompress step, before runmsp was called resolved the issue.

Due to a new input/output program ('esg1piomgr') used starting with the MSP 8.3.1 release, in a similar situation with the same error, adding a pause before ‘runmsp’ calls MSP may be needed to make sure the input name-address file is fully uncompressed and available, etc., before actually calling MSP.
Windows does use the same new input/output program, but no similar problem has been reported (as of Aug 18, 2016)