Resolve font resource name in output AFP does not match with the resource map assigned for AFP device in EngageOne Designer


While generating output (AFP) from output device in EngageOne Designer, default resource map or user-defined resource map can be used. In default resource map, unique code is automatically generated and assigned to font as:

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After output is generated and AFP Extractor is run over it, it shows below resources:
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Output Datastream Resource matches with each other. However when custom resource map is used and 'output datastream resource' name is changed :
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When AFP (using custom resource map) is generated from Accumulated batch in EngageOne and AFP Extractor is run over it, it does not list resources as defined in device. It still shows older resource code. Ideally, it should have shown resources name as MRT001 (as defined in custom resource map) etc.

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During the publish (with default resource map), these default auto generated resources were cached by Designer. 'Publish for EngageOne'  for all subsequent publish until the cache is explicitly cleared will point to same resource map. This is expected behaviour.


UPDATED: June 16, 2017
Follow these steps to resolve the issue:
  1. Select Designer, Tools->Resource Cache Management.
  2. Select each Device – aka “Printer Identifier” that needs to be updated and press 'Clear cache'.
  3. Repeat 'Clear cache' for each Device requiring republish.
  4. Publish the Publication for EngageOne again and import the Template/Device ZIP again into EngageOne Server.
  5. Produce the AFP and confirm resources are now appearing as defined in Custom resource map.
In case issue remains unresolved, contact Client Support.