EngageOne : Incorrect time-stamp shown after template import in EngageOne 4.3

Product Feature:Template Management



EngageOne 4.3 has inbuilt web server.  After template is imported into environment, ideally time stamp shown should be current local time of the client machine. For example, client machine is at  timezone (UTC+05:30) and Template named Engg_test was imported into EngageOne  on September 14th, at 4:28 PM. However, EngageOne shows 9:58AM which is UTC+0:0

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This has been identified as behaviour.


UPDATED: April 13, 2017

The time-stamp values of  template import in database and in view (EngageOne Admin) does not match. Irrespective of  local time zone, view will always show UTC.
As a workaround, database server can be installed on a server set to UTC time zone. This will ensure that all date and times stored in database will be consistent. Furthermore, all such values will be properly presented to the end user.