Resolve error 019D610047 "Attached scale error" on the Connect+ series and SendPro P series

Products affected: Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000, SendPro® P1000, SendPro® P1500, SendPro® P2000, SendPro® P3000


The machine displays error code 019D-61-0047 "Attached scale error".


The parameters between the scale and mail machine are incorrect.


UPDATED: October 31, 2018
To resolve this issue: 
  1. Make sure that the correct scale is attached to the mailing machine.
  2. Select Clear Message on the display.
  3. Remove any material from the attached scale.
  4. Press Home to return to the home screen.
  5. Select Run Mail.
  6. Place the material on the attached scale and verify that the weight is correct.
If the issue is not resolved or if the issue returns, contact client support. Please have your model number ready.