Spectrum Spatial Analyst - Map configs setup for public access do not work after upgrade


SSA map config which was setup for guest access (visible without login password) no longer works after upgrade to newer version of SSA, such as SSA 7 to SSA 8. Basemaps coming from Bing or WMS services work, but none of the maps from Spectrum repository work in SSA. The SSA page's layer legend does not list the business layers that have been configured in SSA admin console.

The same map config however works well while viewing under a signed account ( example admin console).


The guest password was accidentally changed during the upgrade. For example, SSA 7 had "guestPassword" as it's guess password. But during the upgrade, a different password was chosen. This new password gets updated in SSA's shared.properties. But the Spectrum management console still has the old password. Hence the guest login fails and none of the repository maps are displayed in SSA.


UPDATED: January 3, 2018

Open Spectrum management console. Browse to System Security->Edit User. Edit the public user and reset the password. This has to match the password listed in shared.properties file (default location C:\Program Files\Pitney Bowes\SpectrumSpatialAnalyst\customerconfigurations\_global)

User-added image

Note: Ensure the user is "Enabled" prior to saving changes. The user will most likely be disabled since the login failed earlier.


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