Resolve error "Keymap target directory does not exist" while importing keymap in EngageOne Admin

Product Feature: Administration



During import of Keymap in EngageOne, error observed as:

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To import Keymap files, there is need to provide keymap file which is in .zip format. Second input is to provide folder where files will be extracted.

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The error can occur due to one or combination of following scenarios:
  • 'Target Directory' location does not exist on application server (not on client machine).
  • 'Target Directory' location exist, but location is not accessible from client machine. Client machine is accessed using LDAP user. Hence,  LDAP user should also have right permission enabled folder located on mentioned path in 'Target Directory'.
  • 'Target Directory' location exist and is accessible. This means path mentioned in "Target Directory" does open from client machine but however specific LDAP user does not have 'right' permission enabled. 


UPDATED: March 27, 2017
Ensure target directory exists on application server and client machine (LDAP user) has 'right' access to the path mentioned under 'Target Directory'.