Resolve issue where after running purging script html files are not getting removed from EngageOne


A huge amount of files (528,821 items) are present in the Delivery folder of TDS (The Document Server).
They are all html files naming "xxx-name.html" where "xxx" is a growing up index starting from "1" until "1238312".

After running the script all files were purged except the html files.



Html files will be removed but that depends on the status of these files.
If they are pending delivery or e-Messaging is not set up properly and does not return delivery status back to EngageOne then they will not.
Purge will remove the files only if pendingdelivery is specified as one of the options.

Status can be check in the EngageOne Correspondent.
In status columns there can be found the following:
  • active-incomplete
  • active-new
  • rejected
  • pending for delivery
  • pending for approval
  • active-complete
  • failure delivery
Running purge with no status options (errored, delivered, or pendingdelivery) deletes any interim files or database entries generated by delivery failure, such as delivery items with status New or Processing and the files in the non-accumulated batch working folders.
It does not delete any work items that are pending for deliver.


UPDATED: August 3, 2017
If there is no workflow assigned to a document then the status Pending For Delivery will be displayed in the work list until delivery takes place.
In case the htmls are pending delivery or e-Messaging is not set up properly then you might then want to run purge with –pendingdelivery parameter specified in the purge to get rid of these.