Does MailStream Plus check for the presence of ZIP+4/DPC's in preassigned IMb's to determine Full Service eligibility?

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms


PostalOne! rejected some pieces of 'Full Service' IMb mail because the IMb's did not have +4/DPCs (4-byte ZIP+4 and 2-byte Delivery Point Code).


The customer was passing in the IMb's in the input records, with Full Service STIDs (Service Type IDs). 
The job has an ALG PP parameter with an F in position 10 for Full Service. 
(Passing the IMb in in the Name-Address input records is controlled by the IMBOUT parameter position 11.)

6 pieces were rejected by PostalOne! for having Full Service STIDs, but the IMb's in the records did not have the +4/DPC's that are required for Full Service.  
Since ALG PP had the Y in 10, MSP validates the STID values in the records.  The user asked why didn't MailStream Plus™ (MSP) change the value of the STIDs from Full Service to Basic for the records that didn't have +4/DPC in the IMb?

The reason is that MSP only looks at the +4/DPC locations specified on the ZIP IN parameter to determine that part of the Full Service eligibility.  These records *did* have +4/DPC data in those ZIP IN locations, so MSP correctly presumed they were eligible for Full Service.  
MSP *does not* check the actual preassigned IMb to see if it has the +4/DPC there. 


UPDATED: May 15, 2019
The user is going to look into their process to see why the ZIP IN locations had the +4/DPC data for the records, but the data did not get put into the IMb's that their process generated, and were later passed into MSP in the input records.