Resolve restarting services could cause delay in auto bundle release in OfficeMail


Auto bundle release (Triggers) didn't fired at the designated time


Restarting Admin and/or Bundler service will trigger OfficeMail having to read all mt (mini ticket) files.
This will cause auto bundle release (Triggers) didn't fired at the designated time when there is huge number of mt files come in at the same time.
The Admin Service tries to process it in one run and it delays other actions that service is doing, triggering is one of them.
It is often occurs on production environment with high volume when restarting services since there are a lot of mt files to read.


UPDATED: January 24, 2018
This is a limitation of OfficeMail design.
We would advise our customer to schedule "services restart" at the appropriate time i.e. not in the middle of production period, where there could be job coming in, bundles pending to be auto/manual release, etc.

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