Resolve KeyMap update with wildcard not replacing all key names in EngageOne



If there is a key map defined in a template (or an Active Content) then its content can be imported from external resource generated by Key Map Generator.
Existing Key Map content can be updated using Update button

User-added image

After updating the existing key map the new resource contains new images and EngageOne will merge them with the existing ones by adding new key names to the list. The corresponding images will also be added in the appropriate folder and this functionality works as desired.

However, there is also a wild card key map feature and according to the Administration Guide, it is an effective way to provide all of the required images from a given location and to pass in the name of the image to be pulled dynamically through the data using EngageOne Interactive or a custom application.

The functionality works fine when used to import images for a new Key Map but in attempt to update a Key Map when having already a Key Map imported and updating it with a wildcard Key Map archive then new name will be added to the existing list as it is shown above (name Science on the image)


The feature currently works as designed and was not classified as a bug.


UPDATED: March 30, 2017
This behavior was treated as a product change request and raised as enhancement request that will be reviewed and prioritized by the Product Management Team.