Resolve confusion over Changing Job Status in Confirm after the Job is paid and closed

Product Feature: Confirm, Non-routine Maintenance


When Jobs have been paid and closed the Confirm system allows users to put the Job's Status back to any Status.

Otherwise put, should users still be allowed to make the Status change at this phase in a Job's life-cycle?


This is the correct behaviour of the system (and Technical Support have also replicated this themselves). A Job's Status can be changed unless:

a) It's been Archived or
b) User Security has been implemented to prevent user from doing so.

In the latter scenario it is only User Security, and not Data Security, that comes into play here. By this we refer to the settings in the lower half of the User Security screen then drilling down through Maintenance Management -> Job -> Job where you can prevent a user updating Jobs altogether. This, however, is an all-or-nothing approach, in that doing this would prevent them updating the other fields, too, across all Jobs.


UPDATED: September 20, 2017
This issue described is not actually a problem, but the correct behaviour of the system.