Resolve issue where the Security bundle (OpenAM) installation hangs when installation path contains spaces in EngageOne 4.3

EngageOne: EA (affects all EngageOne 4.3.0 versions)

Product Feature: Installation / Upgrade
Operating System: Windows 2012


When running the security bundle (OpenAM) installation, during the configuration step, the installer seem to stall at the following line:
“     [INFO ] [installOpenAM] installing openam using temp configuration file”.

This is the last entry in the log.

The actual OpenAM instance appears to have been successfully deployed, and is accessible from "http://<OpenAM Server>:<OpenAM Port>/OpenAM" URL, however the user lands on a default (unconfigured) start screen.


This is the result of a bug in the OpenAM installer, and is tracked for that product under the following issues:

These 2 factors together result in the installer hanging:
  • 8.3 file naming is disabled on the partition.
  • The install path has a space in it.
Microsoft has disabled 8dot3 format on all volumes other than C: by default, so this will likely occur when the installation is being attempted on a partition other than "C:\".

The hang also occurs if there is a space in the top-level directory (e.g. 'C:\openam home\'), irrespective of the 8dot3name setting.


UPDATED: October 31, 2017

There are several resolutions for this problem.

In EngageOne 4.3.0, the issue can be worked around by one of these steps:
  • Use an installation path without spaces
  • Enabling 8dot3 naming by running "fsutil behavior set disable8dot3 0"
More information about the 8dot3name setting can be found in the following Microsoft articles:

The core issue is being fixed in OpenDJ 4.0, which is part of the OpenAM product, and will be included in future versions of OpenAM. Those will be included in EngageOne at a future date.

Starting EngageOne 4.3.2, there will be validation logic in the install scripts to prevent install paths from containing spaces.