Resolve issue where using the Mapinfo Mapping Link in Confirm populates a map layer numeric field with all '9' characters

Product Feature: Mapping



When the Mapping Link to Mapinfo Pro™ is used in Confirm™ to populate a 'decimal' data type field on a map layer, and the value is the maximum number of characters set for the field including the decimal point, the Mapping link populates the field with all '9's.

For example:

A 'Feature number' field in a map layer is defined as Decimal (10,2) width.

If the field value is updated to '150000000.01' using the mapping link, the value populated in the map layer itself is '999999999.99' .

Confirm field values:

User-added image

Map layer field definition in MI Pro :
User-added image

Map layer field values in MI Pro, following update using the mapping link.
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In MapInfo Pro, the decimal data type "width" includes the decimal point.

This is not a bug and is not caused by the functionality of the Mapping Link.



UPDATED: June 26, 2017
Increase the 'Decimal' field width by one character to allow for the decimal point.

For example :

Increase the Decimal (10,2) to (11,2), this will resolve the issue.