Resolve error "Bookings can only be made 20 days in advance" given by the Confirm Bookings Connector

Product Feature: Confirm, Works Management, Scheduling, Bookings


You are experiencing issues with the Confirm Bookings Connector and its integration with your third-party system.

You need the "look ahead" days on the third-party system to show 12 weeks of available slots and the third-party system is configured as such, however the Confirm Bookings Connector API is returning an error message as follows:

"Bookings can only be made 20 days in advance".


The 'Advance Day Limit:' setting on the Booking Type, in Confirm, is set to 20.


UPDATED: September 20, 2017
In Confirm use the Booking Types screen/lookup to specify, in the 'Advance Day Limit:' field, the maximum number of days in advance appointments of this Booking Type can be entered.

The Booking Types screen/lookup is accessed via:

 Main -> Works Management -> Scheduling -> Scheduling Lookups -> Booking Types