MailStream Plus error message One or more MDMFWS warnings Mail.dat is invalid due to error

Product Feature: General/parameters
Operating System: All platforms



Error message in the MailStream Plus execution report/log -
W One or more MDMFWS warnings, posted but please check.
12/12/2016  22:36:43            MSRPMD00   W One or more not enough records errors detected in name record file.
12/12/2016  22:36:43            MSRPMD00   E Mail.dat is invalid due to error(s) as reported
12/12/2016  22:36:43            MSDR01     I MSDR01 Ended abnormally. Processing terminated.



One cause of this error is when the NRC file (Name Record Control file)required, but is manually turned off in parameter OPT FL.


UPDATED: November 7, 2017
To resolve this error, remove the OPT FL parameter from the job, or change OPT FL position 8 to a Y. This can also be caused by the FILEDF MSNAON record length not being long enough for all of the information posted by the POSTxx parameters. Or, if using ADDLBF to provide an additional NA buffer, the total of the FILEDF MSNAON and the ADDLBF buffer must be large enough to accommodate all posted information.