'deliverDocument' web service fails with particular size of input file in EngageOne 4.X

Product Feature: Web Service (API)



'deliverDocument' Web Service fails to produce output for certain input file size. Error returned is "Failed to deliver document.".
In the Application server logs following error message is observed.
[<Datetime> | ERROR |] Delivery Fault parse error.Failed to deliver document. 

Same size of file works fine with EnagageOne batch.


If 'deliverDocument' execution is successful with smaller files, this could be caused due to defect in which 'deliverDocument' fails after size of input file increases to a certain level. Size of file after which 'deliverDocument' starts failing, varies from environment to environment.


UPDATED: May 24, 2017
Upgrading to EngageOne or later should resolve this issue. In case issue remains unresolved, contact client Support.