Resolve 'Unable to connect to Sagent DataFlow Service' error encountered while logging in Design Studion after Sagent installation.


'Unable to connect to Sagent DataFlow Service' error is encountered on connecting to Dataflow Service from Design Studio.
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Possible root cause are following:
  • Sagent server component is not installed on the machine while client component is installed successfully.
  • Sagent services are stopped in Services.msc or Sagent admin.


UPDATED: July 28, 2017

Check the following to resolve the issue:
  • Sagent services are running under both Windows service control manager (services.msc) and Sagent admin.
  • Ensure that Sagent Server component is installed on the machine, by following steps: 
  1. Navigate to Installation folder. Default installation directory for 64 bit and 32 bit Sagent server installation are 'C:\Program Files\Sagent\Sagent64' and 'C:\Program Files\Sagent' respectively.
  2. Check if SaDCAgnt.exe is present at this path or not.
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In case the above executable file is not present, it indicates Sagent Server component is not installed on the machine and it needs to install Sagent server on the machine

Once the Sagent server is installed successfully on the machine, the 'Sagent DataFlow' services should be available in both 'Services.msc'. After starting the dataflow service, Design studio should be able to connect to Sagent DataFlow Service.

If the issue is still not resolved, contact client support.

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Product Feature: Sagent Installation


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