Did the shared registry area change from '/opt/pb' to '/opt/pitneybowes'?

MailStream Plus 8.3.3™ and later versions, on UNIX/Linux


From the MailStream Plus™ 8.3.3 Release Notes
• We have learned that another software vendor is using /opt/pb as their installation area, so we are forced to
reassign our shared registry area to /opt/pitneybowes. If you already have the /opt/pb area and it was installed by
Pitney Bowes, we will update the /opt/pb area to /opt/pitneybowes for you. If you have not created an /opt/pb area,
please create an /opt/pitneybowes area for the 8.3.3 release of MailStream Plus. During installation, MailStream
Plus™ accesses /opt/pitneybowes to track production installation versions. You can install product software in any
location you choose. The product registration area requires less than 10 megabytes of space. The MailStream Plus
Installation Guide contains detailed installation information.

Also applies to later versions



UPDATED: May 16, 2019