Resolve ERROR 70320: received damaged message, parse code [72134] in Vault


When rendering an XML page, the following error is encountered:

16:57:27 {6} <connection1> ERROR 70320: received damaged message, parse code [72134]
16:57:27 {6} <connection1> storage.docpage failed, status [70320]


The issue here is the connection component at the rendering engine.

It maintains a buffer for receiving data from the network (e2serverd).

This buffer starts at 32KB and can grow to a maximum capacity which is 64MB by default.

If the page size is larger than this, the rendering engine only receives part of the message. When the remaining portion cannot fit, it throws an error and disconnects abruptly (which the server sees as "ERROR 71134: socket write failed").


UPDATED: April 20, 2017
Increase the maximum capacity in e2renderd.ini as follows:

maximumcapacity=100000000 (or value large enough to render the entire page size)
Environment Details
Product Feature: Render