How to Resolve Interaction Cards Affecting Preview with EngageOne Video

Admin Portal, regardless of a Cloud or on-premises solution.


A newly-created Interaction card causes the project's Preview to fail upon playback (regardless of preview type).  This may affect playback at any point an interaction occurs.


The changes made to the Interaction are 'read-only' and this causes confusion for the system when trying to play back the resulting project.


UPDATED: April 2, 2018
The project needs to be saved, and then Published in order for the Preview to work correctly.  Publishing the project will save the Interaction changes and the resulting project preview will be successful.  If a Landing Page Preview is still affected, a deploy and then (crucially if the user has attempted a landing page preview/link preview before) the browser's cache should be cleared prior to trying again.  

The cache clearing will affect the user's session so it is advised that they save and logout of the Admin Portal before clearing their cache.