Why is PART D of the MailStream Plus 3541 not being populated?

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Using MailStream Plus to generate the Postage Statement for the Periodical Flats mailing.
The MSRPQL00 - USPS Qualification Report shows there are 24 Outside County bundles:
Outside County Outside County
Container Summary Total Nbr Bundle Summary Total Nbr

Mixed ADC/OMX 1 Mixed ADC/OMX 1
3-Digit/Sch/SCF 5 3-Digit/Sch/SCF 10
5-DG/Sch/Carrier 1 5-Digit/Scheme 10
Total: 7 Carrier 3
Total: 24

Part D - Outside County Bundle Prices
This line is not showing up on the 3541 with any values filled in.


If your job has the xx INF MDMFDD subkeyword present and a value in the Mail Container charge method, you could be sending this value to a different piece id code.

This job had-
RP INF                     MDMFDD 01/16/2017 R 2 PIECEID

These are the options for position 48 (where the '2' is)

Periodicals Mail Container charge method.
Format: M
0 No publications in mailing.
1 Charge all to a third party.
2 Charge all to the P ATTR code defined below.
3 or blank Proportion charges to each piece (default)
For this job the 2 in position 48 is equivalent to:
2 Charge all to the P ATTR code defined, which is the "PIECEID" string value in 50-56.
In this job the P ATTR has a blank Piece ID in positions 14-22.

P ATTR 080 1           37.84 25.00 11.40 12.00       27.66 R    Y     Y
So the value 'PIECEID' in position 50 of the MDMFDD does not match to this job's P ATTR.  That is why the container charge was blank.


UPDATED: March 13, 2019
Once the 2 was removed in position 48 of the RP INF MDMFDD parameter, then the Part D was populated:
Part D - Outside County Bundle Prices   Total Part D (Page 5)  :             8.5060

This particular job was run using MailStream Plus 8.3.3.