Resolve TIBCO environment not being compatible with SOAP used with EngageOne


EngageOne version 3.X returns a response for the deliverDocument service in SOAP 1.1 version 1.1 with an MTOM (a method of efficiently sending binary data to and from web services) attachment included.

A TIBCO Software Inc. environment does not support this as it expects only MTOM attachments as of SOAP 1.1 version 1.2 (in which MTOM support has been introduced). This is also exposed when trying to make a web services security connection through .NET, which by default assumes that the service will accept a SOAP 1.2 request, resulting in an error message that a SOAP 1.1 service cannot consume a 1.2 request.

MTOM can work with version 1.1 as well, but this does not comply with to the SOAP 1.2 defined standard.

Documentation for version 4.4 still only mentions SOAP version 1.1 (Programmer's manual).



EngageOne does not have support for SOAP 1.2.


UPDATED: March 28, 2017
Pending decision by Product Management to support SOAP 1.2.