Resolve PDF form does not detect reserved area in OFMA


Resolve PDF form does not detect reserved area in OFMA

Some users have identified that a specific VAT PDF form , which current encroaches on the margins specified in driver’s settings (so should raise an error) is getting through the print driver validation in some scenarios , then erroring in others. The issue occurs when trying to create the record as an ad-hoc attachment.  When downloaded from the site as a PDF (onto the users workstation) , users try to open the PDF using the “open with Officemail” , the PDF can be submitted as an ad-hoc attachment . However when printed from Microsoft edge , the form will provide the correct error message that should be applied “reserve areas overwritten”.
 Also of note is that google chrome appears to bring about the same results as submitting it from a PDF on the desktop. As Microsoft Edge is a fairly new browser I assume that something unique to edge is causing the differences on the print driver.

Cause printer driver. This older version detects less object types than the latest version.


UPDATED: March 28, 2017
I was able to replicate the issue using printer driver customer is using and Adobe Reader.
When you select double-sided print option, reserved areas are checked on front sides only, so in this VAT PDF example (4 pages), they are checked on page 1 and 3. This driver version detects only reserved area you defined on page 4 only so the behaviour is correct.
The latest driver version detects more objects than older version so it detects page 3 and 4.
So one solution is to upgrade the driver so it will display the reserved area error for page 3.
Alternatively, choose single-sided print in the preview, then page 4 will be detected by the reserved area.
We officially do not support Windows 10 for printer driver 3.9 but we do for 4.0.10.
Test team confirmed that Edge browser was not tested for printing PDFs from the browser and we suggest using Adobe reader for PDFs as a consistent tool for printing.
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