Resolving MailStream Plus error "d:\Program: Not a COBOL program" during loading PRF files, and links on screen do not have correct icon and/or do not work.

MSP all versions, Windows 2012 R2 (and possibly others)


The MailStream Plus (MSP) software installed, but when the user tried to load the PRF DBs, got error "d:\Program: Not a COBOL program"
Also, some of the MSP icons were not correct and/or would not run.


The Windows drives *did* have the Microsoft '8dot3name' option turned on (which is required for installing and using MSP.)  See separate Knowledge Base article for 8dot3name information.
But it was noted that intead of the MSP environment variables being in correct 8dot3name format such as "C:\PROGRA~2\PITNEY~1\MSP",  it was "C:\PROGRAM FILES\PITNEY~1\MSP"

It turned out that the problem was due to some of the paths having spaces in the them, such as the folder 'Program Files (x86)'.  That is why the error message says 'd:\program', instead of the correct D:\Program Files...' or the 8dot3name compressed format such as 'd:\Progra~1'.  The space between 'program' and 'files' was acting as a delimiter for the program name.  This causes the path to not be found.


UPDATED: April 14, 2017
The solution was to install MSP into folders without spaces.  When it was installed into the path 'MSP\Mailstream' right off the root of the drive everything was fine.  All of the icons were correct and worked, the PRFs loaded okay, etc.

MSP 8.3.3 was QA'd on Windows Server 2012 R2.  The cause of this user's issue is not known.  It may be something specific about this user's system or system settings.  It has only been reported this once.